Special Interest Groups (SIGs)  A selection is listed below:

There are many small groups we call Special Interest Groups (that we call SIGs). All members are encouraged to reach out and join a small group with a shared interest. If you have an idea about a new group you'd enjoy or would like general info on SIGs, please contact the special interest group leader- we're always looking for people who want to begin their own groups of like minded members! sigs@snclub.org

Cocktails and Appetizers

Happy Hour
SNC members meet for Happy Hour once a month 5 p.m. at various area restaurants or bars. 
TGIF is a monthly BYO cocktail party of from 25-60 people that meets often in members' homes or several times a year at members' clubhouses.  These are popular events and great for meet and mingle.
Sunday Sunsets at the Beach is a very casual "bring your own everything' chance to meet other members at different designated beaches each month. No reservations needed for this relaxed and friendly group.


Beach Buddies
Meets monthly on the first Wednesday for lunch at different beaches.

Book Clubs

Dinner Book Clubs
 Monthly restaurant dinner for book discussion and friendship.
Couples Book Club
SNC Daytime Book Club

Afternoon book club meets each month.

Breakfast Groups

Ladies' Breakfast Group
Meet monthly at different restaurants. Limit 8 ladies in each.

​Men's Breakfast Group 
Meets twice a month at local restaurants for breakfast.

Dining Groups

Ladies Lunch Bunch
Groups of ladies meet each month in various restaurants. 2 groups, each meet on different days.  We are always happy to start a new lunch bunch if someone wants to be a group leader.

Dining In
Dining-In groups are 6- 8 people who meet and share dinners on a rotation basis at members' homes. Everyone brings a part of the meal.
Dining Out
There are several Dining Out Groups with approximately 8 participants per group.  The coordinator assigns those who register to a group.  Each meets monthly and organizes themselves.   Couples or singles.


Movie Time
Meets monthly for evening movie preceded by an early dinner. 


Chinese Mahjong
Meets monthly for a lively game- with lessons!
Men's Golf Meets monthly for 9 to 18 rounds
Foursomes will be organized each time. Play
at various local clubs or courses.

Jazz Enthusiasts
Members meet at various jazz events in the area.


Kayaking Adventures
Meets monthly at various locations.


Walk the Bridge
Meets every Friday at 9 am for about an hour.