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SNC membership is offered to FULL time Florida residents who have moved to the Sarasota area within the last three years.  The provision of a valid Florida driver’s license  is mandatory* as proof of residency and length of time living in Sarasota.  

*By Florida law, If you have a drivers license from another state you need to obtain a FL drivers license within 30 days of residency at a DMV office. You may black out id number and age before sending copy of license.

SNC initial membership is for three years; at the end of that time, there is an option to extend membership for an additional period of time.

Qualified Applications with the dues paid in full, and a validated driver's license will be presented for approval at the Board meeting (held the first week of the month) following the application date.  You will be notifies when your application is approved.


The club does not have a COUPLE'S membership.

Each member must register for themselves by signing in with a UNIQUE email address, no sharing emails! 

A member  registered with an Individual Membership is eligible to have their Spouse / Partner, who lives in the same household, register for themselves with a Spouse / Partner membership.  This means a couple (2 people maximum) pay a reduced total amount of $240 ($150+$90) for their initial 3 year terms when joining at the same time.

Only one individual in the couple needs to meet requirement of living in Sarasota area 3 years or less.

Every registrant must email a copy of their driver's license  An easy way to do this is to take a picture with your phone and put the email address in the TO: line in a text message, or attach it to a regular email.  

If you want to use standard mail, send an email to for instructions.

New Members Categories:

    1. Individual Membership: $150, 3 years initial membership.  
            Primary Membership, One individual

    2.   Spouse / Partner Membership:  $90,  3 years initial membership

          Secondary Membership for a Spouse / Partner, joining at the same time as an Individual Member.
          After completing the Individual Membership, sign out to register the Spouse  / Partner membership

      Please note that the club is a social organization.  The bylaws and policies state that the database (directory) information is solely for club related social purposes.  At no time may it be used for private business purposes. We appreciate your respecting the privacy of the directory.  Abuse of this policy is cause for immediate dismissal.

      Payment Options:

      • Dues are paid online at the time of registration, or by check sent to:
      Sarasota Newcomers Club
      Attn: Dee Giordano, Treasurer
      129 Preserve PL, Unit D
      Nokomis, FL 34275

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